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LED Edge Glow Case
LED Movie Poster Case
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Econolite Marquee Case
Glolite Marquee Case
Halolite Marquee Case
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Starlite Poster Case

Click on the images below for larger images

With the Backlight on
(Black Poster border color shown)

Edge Glow with Ocens 13 movie poster

Edge glow illuminated poster case with Legally Blonde movie poster

With the Backlight off

Edge glow illuminated poster case with Ocens 13 poster - with light off

Edge glow illuminated poster case with Legally Blonde movie poster - with light off


Some Detailed pictures


Edge glow illuminated poster case

Side view with ruler

Edge glow illuminated poster case

Side view


Edge glow illuminated poster case

Detail of the corner


Edge glow illuminated poster case

Silver poster border

Wall transformer (included).  Since the output of the transformer is low-voltage, it's easy to extend the transformer wire and run through walls, or easily hide it along your walls (with wall conduit), or run the wire along your baseboard.


Edge Glow LED
Illuminated Movie Poster Case

Regular price: $705

Sale Price: $425
FREE SHIPPING (an $80 value)


A Cinema Builder Exclusive Product!


This amazing poster case not only illuminates your poster, but its clear frame front also glows on the edges.  The edge-lit sides make this frame really stand out.


In addition, unlike our other poster cases, these cases are extremely thin - only 1" deep (compared to 4"  or more for most poster cases).  This ultra-thin poster case uses LEDs (instead of fluorescent tubes) to illuminate your poster.


Posters are easily replaced by simply removing 6 screws (as shown in the animation).  Power is provided by a wall transformer (included).


The poster case comes in Satin Silver (standard) or Black borders (special order).  See the pictures to the left for examples of both types of poster borders.



Dimensions: 28 3/4 W x 41 3/4 H x 1  D


Be sure to check out our matching Glow Edge Picture Frames which can be used for your favorite Hollywood star pictures or mini-movie posters.


Note:  See the "Notes" at the bottom of the page if the black poster border color is desired.

Options available:
Border color:


 Note:  If you are ordering the black poster border color (as shown in some of the pictures), our factory needs a minimum quantity of 5 to make this color.  So please do not order this color unless you are ordering 5 or more.

  The use of double sided movie posters will provide the best backlit appearance.   If you're looking for movie posters, go to our Movie Poster products page.

  These poster cases are designed to fit standard movie size posters (27" x 40" / 27" x 41")

  This item is custom made to your specifications,  so there are no returns or refunds.

 If shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or outside the US, contact us for shipping charges.

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